Replacement of old meters with Smart meters by NDMC

medhaj news 10 Jan 19 , 06:01:39 Power and Infrastructure


New Delhi Municipal Council has replaced 50,000 conventional electricity meters with smart meters on Wednesday making NDMC the first distribution company in India to implement 100% smart metering solution. The smart meters come with multiple user-friendly features like user’s profile, latest consumption and instantaneous reading, user’s consumption pattern for the last seven, 15 and 30 days and allows users to register complaints for quick resolution, besides showing the load pattern of the household. The adoption of smart meters will enhance consumer convenience and rationalize electricity consumption.

The central government is accelerating adoption of smart meters to ensure efficient management of electricity by checking data-entry errors, billing inefficiencies and cutting the costs of manual meter reading through web-based monitoring system. Smart meters will revolutionize the power sector through their vast set of benefits. This move will generate skilled employment for the youth, Singh said.

NDMC has adopted the smart meter program as part of government’s plan to upgrade the national energy system. It will play a role in the country’s journey towards becoming a lower-carbon economy and an energy-secure nation,” NDMC chairman Naresh Kumar said.



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